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Enigma2 image for Prismcube Ruby

Discussion in 'Board News, Questions and Suggestions' started by mihaip, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. mihaip

    mihaip PrismCube Newbie

    This is a call for Enigma2 developers ! who want , who can ...
    let's try to build a Enigma2 image for PrismCube Ruby !!!

    - there is a lot of significant experience in building Enigma2 for
    ARM chipsets ... D-Cube , Wetek , VU+Solo 4K
    - we have a fairly good starting point ... the DEV images !!! witch
    contains almost all we need ... drivers and libraries ...

    This thread is intended to promote an idea !!! Ruby is a decent
    receiver witch could have a new life ... In the last month I saw
    an Enigma2 image build in almost same context for EVO XFinity
    ... and is promising !!!
  2. p)bladek

    p)bladek PrismCube Newbie


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