how to connect to the prismcube through internet ?

Discussion in 'Black Hole General' started by kais msalmi, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. kais msalmi

    kais msalmi PrismCube Newbie

    I want to use my prismcube as server to watch channels on PC (KODI - IPTV) in the local network and the Internet...
    thank you
  2. Erazer

    Erazer PrismCube Newbie

    I´m also interested in this topic. Some wrote it may be possible using te PVR-Client "VU+ / Enigma2" but I cant´t really believe as I can´t get it to work.

    Is there anyone who has this setup "Prismcube > Kodi (PC)" running. If so how?

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