Only Ping to the router fails from prismcube

Discussion in 'Black Hole General' started by fonsissimo, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. fonsissimo

    fonsissimo PrismCube Newbie

    Hi all,

    I have a strange problem and do not know how to proceed.

    If I open a telnet connection to the prismcube and ping some devices (pc, other receiver, etc) within my network then the ping works as expected and I get answer from that devices.
    Only the router - a fritz box - do not answer to the ping request.

    My original task was to connect the hard disk attatched to the fritz box. But all tries failed and so I started to search for the reason.
    P.s. From other devices I can ping the router and access the hard disk.

    Can you give me some hint to find the reason and solution for this fenomena.

    Thank you

  2. fonsissimo

    fonsissimo PrismCube Newbie


    I found a solution.

    I changed the network setting to DHCP instead of using a static connection.

    With DHCP the ping to the router works.

    I still not understand the reason why it fails using the static connection.


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