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Streaming Prismcube Chanels

Discussion in 'PrismCube Ruby General HowTo & Guides' started by gatinho, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. gatinho

    gatinho PrismCube Newbie


    I wanted to turn my Raspberry Pi to a another Satellite receiver, but for now I just running Kodi and wanted to stream channels from the Prismcube.

    - I Enable Live Streaming and Webinterface on the primscube
    - I Installed VU+ PVR on Kody (raspberry / Openelec)
    - in the Raspberry I setup the Primscube IP address
    Steam port 9000 , Webinterface 1313.

    The channels list are now displayed on the raspberry but when I select a channel, the channel is changing on the Prismcube but nothing is streamed on the raspberry.

    Did you guy have any idea?

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  2. n_e_o1983

    n_e_o1983 PrismCube Newbie

    streaming port 8001

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