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What about prismcube ?

Discussion in 'PrismCube Ruby General HowTo & Guides' started by kondzik82, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. kondzik82

    kondzik82 PrismCube Newbie

    When new soft BH ?
    When will work skins BH ?
    Ipbox forgot about prismcube ? Still, the tuner has many errors
    Ipbox again left people without a good firmware

    Greetings to Black Hole Team
  2. gemelli

    gemelli PrismCube Newbie

    Overvalued box.
    Most plugins are disappointing: IPTVs unreliable, old softcams, ....
    Price always decreasing tells all....
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  3. selekta

    selekta PrismCube Newbie

    a great deception, why there is no longer support for prismcube, no more updates, nothing at all :( we are so angry,
  4. andrewjosan

    andrewjosan PrismCube Newbie

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